15 years of experience
We provide optimal solutions for exceptional transportation services. More about ...
Special freight transport
The transportation of construction plant and agricultural equipment, machinery, vehicles, vessels etc. More about ...
Special freight transport escort
We also organize and carry out exceptional freight transport escorts. More about ...
When mere transportation is not enough
We can organize loading/unloading, disassembly/assembly, shipping etc. More about ...

  • Special freight transports

    Special freight transports

    Special freight transport is transportation with a vehicle or a group of vehicles that exceeds the allowed total mass, axle loads or measures, either alone or together with inseparable freight.
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  • Other services

    Other services

    Our service focuses on safety on the road. We organize escorts for special freight transports to protect the transport and to ensure minimum impediment for other traffic participants.
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  • References


    Our 15 years of experience on the road also make it possible for us to provide the best special freight transport services, including everything from organization to escorting.
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